Thrandur Arnthorsson

Thrandur is a Web Master of several popular web sites. Thrandur lives in cool Iceland and is interested in building a business out of his interests. He lives an active lifestyle going 4 wheeling and boating and writing about stuff he loves.

The DIGITAL world has been my main interest for the last twenty years or more. I got my first computing experience using a Commodore 64 computer. It was possible to program it using an early version of BASIC and had a scary 16K of memory if I recall correctly! The possibilities where limited in comparison to modern PCs but I had a strong feeling that this computing world would be one of the fastest growing. As you probably know now this is indeed the case and the internet and other modern products of the digital era leaves nobody untouched.DREAMS are also interesting for me. Both in the way the brain is used to create new stuff and in general how it works and how it can be simulated using computers. Also I am interested in my own dreams – as in what it is I want to do with my life. That I hope is also your interest. Too many people are living their lives without a DREAM – without a clear GOAL to try and reach for.

All my sites once only existed as a dream. A few short years ago these sites did not exist. The creation of the sites has been my passion and gradually I started to make them profitable and turn them into a real business.

Not many people own sites that have as much enthusiastic readers as I do. This makes me happy – and also humble – since I want to add real value to the world. I feel that the value I add with my writing and web site building is of the lasting kind.

I hope to serve you well.


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