Is SBI! Necessary In Order To SUCCEED?

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SBI! is NOT absolutely essential to build your own long- lasting, growing e-business, but it does give you THE greatest chance of success, by far. Still, it may not be for you. Consider the following…

  1. If your goal is just to have a blog, or if it’s just to socialize, you don’t need SBI!. You have a nice hobby.
  2. If you prefer to play games and “fool” Google with the latest Search Engine tricks (like creating fake link networks), SBI!’s not for you, but understand that no engine tricks have ever LASTED. None. They all get beaten, followed by much gnashing of teeth and wailing by those who thought they were going to fool the engines forever.
  3. If you’re already very successful, congratulations! You have figured it all out. You’re doing it all right, with a solid process, all the right tools, etc.
    You don’t need SBI!. Recognize, though, that you are the 1 in a 1000 exception. And if you’re blogging, you’re the 1 in 2,000 exception…

    Blog or build?

    Most people really would do much better with SBI!.

  4. If you’re suspicious that SBI! must be “too good to be true,” that natural feeling comes from all the “Get Rich Quick” and fraudulent game-playing schemers out there. But ask yourself if you have ever seen as much proof of success, and if the SBI! forums could be such THE most positive, help-and-be-helped force in e-business.
  5. If you’re very tech-oriented, you may feel that SBI! is a toy for newbies (kind of like techs used to think about the Macintosh computer because it was easy to use). If you’re not open to changing the way you work in order to succeed (and I have no doubt you WOULD succeed if you were willing to adjust your habits), then SBI! is not right for you.
  6. If, despite the process/all-the-tools/constant-updating, you believe that $299 is too expensive and you’d prefer to try cheap hosting and figure-it-all-out-on-your-own (info and tools and updating), then go for it. You will end up spending more on tools here and there, on countless pitches you’ll face along the way. And in the end, the vast majority who take this route fail…People need the process and tools and constant updating, all simplified into a do-able step-by-step. It takes some longer to discover that. And that’s fine. When you do realize it, you’ll be ready for the 7th and final “if”…
  7. If you fit into one or more of the above scenarios and have yet to build a an e-business that will spin off increasing income on a long-term basis, simply give SBI! a try.

Yup. Don’t decide “for sure” now. Just try it…

The Guarantee turns it into a risk-free trial. You may indeed find out that SBI! is not for you. Just refund. See the guarantee towards the bottom of the Order Page…

Order Site Build It!

They absolutely honor that guarantee. More than that, if you feel SBI! is NOT for you, they WANT to refund you. Why?

It’s part of how they build that amazingly positive, productive and successful community of people who make their forums what it is today. So if you’re not right for it, then it’s not right for you. Part ways happy.

Somehow, though, I think you’re going to love it, like the vast majority of SBIers do. Don’t put it off. Just do it.

Ken Evoy

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