Generating Fresh Ideas To Do & Buy

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Generating new ideas out of thin air is a continuous tasks for you and me. You can get ideas from a variety of sources and from all your different senses, like seeing, listening and feeling as well as smelling and touching. To that I can add reading words that are drawn from different directions. is a brand new website I have just created. It provides a number of ways for you to generate fresh ideas on the fly.

  1. A random combination of three words are displayed in the header. They are from the categories: SUBJECT, PREDICATE and MODIFIER and make a strange sounding – and thought provoking – sentence.
  2. Images from Flickr based on these same words occupy the left column beneath the menu structure. The picture give visual stimulus – especially when you want to design something two or three dimensional like a logo, painting or even a house!
  3. The main content is filled with related products from eBay. This serves twofold purposes. One the one hand it gives you ideas for things you can make yourself and on the other hand you always just buy what you find!

In addition you can use the menu on the left side to get more specific in your idea selection process.

Idea To Do

Take a look for yourself and see if this website can help you in your idea generation for your next project or gift.

Idea2Do is the newest member of my series of BANS – Make Your Own Niche Store sites.

Feel free to make suggestions for improving this idea generating tool…

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